Vibration damping PU foam from BPI reaches new heights

BPI has gained a top position in one of Austria’s major investment projects in cooperation with HOSTRA Gummi und Kunststoffe GmbH in Wien. An impressive 27,000 m2 building with over 800 employees and a budget of 76 million euros.

At the official opening the president of the ÖAMTC, Werner Kraus, described the new construction as: “An architectural beacon in the region, an innovative work environment for our employees and a modern service centre for our members.”

A special vibration-damping material, called VibraFlex®, has made its way to the top in Austria’s largest members centre for automotive, motorcycle and touring enthusiasts.

Late last year, the new ÖAMTC building in Vienna was commissioned with the official opening on the 17th of March, 2018. The ÖAMTC (Austrian Automobile Motorcycle and Touring Club) is the Austrian equivalent of the Automobile Association. The member organisation, or the so-called “automobile club”, is Austria’s largest and the seventh largest in the world with over 2.1 million members.

Since April 2017, one of the ÖAMTC’s emergency helicopters ‘Christophorus 9’, has become a resident of the landing pad situated on the roof of the new, central building in Vienna.

The ÖAMTC has established specific landing areas in key locations for its fleet of 17 emergency helicopters, spread throughout Austria. This is where BPI’s special vibration-damping material, VibraFlex®, has come to play a significant role in terms of its functionality.

The association of rescue helicopters, called Christophorus Flugrettungsverein (CFV), cooperates with companies such as the Red Cross, the Austrian Mountain Rescue and Vienna’s rescue service. Collectively these services not only respond to traffic accidents, but also provide assistance in alpine accidents or emergency medical aid.

An ÖAMTC emergency helicopter is fully equipped with all the necessities and is manned by a professional crew. In addition to the pilot on board there is an emergency physician, a paramedic and, depending on the nature of the accident, possibly an additional medic from the mountain or alpine rescue service.
The other services offered by the member organisations include roadside assistance, inspections in accordance with paragraph 57, safety inspections for used cars, wheel changes, tire tests, insurance, legal aid and counsel and much more.

Helicopter pilots in the emergency services are now able to access a more convenient landing pad right at the top.

Austrian car enthusiats can be proud of the member organisation’s new headquarters.

On top of the extensive building it was necessary to install a unique vibration damping material, that provided different degrees of hardness, to create ideal parameters suited for helipads. The solution was BRI’s very own designed and manufactured VibraFlex®


The ground underneath the landing area requires that its various sections are constructed with different degrees of hardness to cope with varying loads and shock levels. The landing area is marked in purple, the safety zone in red and surrounding safety net in yellow. The green section shows the transport and unloading areas with the helicopter hangar on the left marked in purple.

VibraFlex® is a material that is manufactured and owned by BPI. VibraFlex® is part of our unique product range that consists of a vibration absorbing PU foam (polyurethane).

VibraFlex® products are able to withstand repeated impact over a very long period of time and have excellent mechanical properties even at very low temperatures.

Typical applications:
VibraFlex® is ideal for dampening and adsorbing vibrations and resonance e.g. in areas of construction, manufacturing, bodywork, sports flooring, or packaging.

VibraFlex® is typically used in scenarios which require:
• Shoch absorption
• Vibration absorption
• Noise reduction

Why choose VibraFlex®?

Here you can see the VibraFlex® plates being laid down, which began
in August 2016.
See more about VibraFlex® on

VibraFlex® has, among other things, the following characteristics:

• VibraFlex® is specifically designed for applications where it will be exposed to repeated shock loads.
• VibraFlex® can be customised to meet your specific requirements.
• VibraFlex® is suitable for all types of vibration absorption no matter the loading or frequency range and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


VibraSetex® is an elastic composite which is 100% based on the unique VibraFlex® material. VibraSetex® has excellent vibration absorbing properties and can be used in areas exposed to repeated and prolonged loading.

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