To sum it all up: Shorter delivery

The S&OP project is just one of several activities and optimisation measures that BPI has launched or engaged in over the past year. In order to constantly optimise processes and streamline internal communication, and to update and trim the organisation as regards market development and customer needs, several specific activities have been launched.

These include introducing a new planning system, a merger of the customer service and planning departments, project groups established for identifying and solving specific “showstoppers”, preparation of departmental one-page action plans and implementation of paperless production, etc.

In particular, faster and more direct internal communication as well as synchronisation between the customer service and the planning departments have benefited customers with faster response times to inquiries and prompt responses in case of necessary or urgent, unforeseen deviations. Thus, we have a declared goal to answer all customer inquiries within 12 hours on normal working days.

Ready for challenges!

The uncompromising upgrade to the prioritisation of reliability of delivery has also brought a constant focus on “service excellence” to the company, where overall performance is measured by the sum of three unambiguous parameters:

Precise, faultless and – last but not least – complete delivery.

Today, BPI ‘fluctuates’ between 97 and 98% reliability of delivery in regard to confirmed orders/deliveries – and intense work is still being done to ensure that the 98% becomes the norm for all deliveries.

On confirmed orders, customers now experience improved delivery times of down to three weeks on moulded furniture, while sewn products – e.g. mattresses and sports equipment – take approx. eight days. Cut foam can, under normal circumstances, be delivered in just 4 days. All other foam products are still manufactured and delivered on demand.

The many initiatives have contributed to a more anchored organisation which, now more than ever, is able to stay ahead of the general development and customers’ varied and specific needs in particular.

In addition to sharpening the so-called “hygiene factors” – or “obligatory features” as some might choose to call them – BPI has another strong card on hand in the form of a highly flexible production and an expansion of capacity at the factories in Denmark and Poland.

This is a situation which benefits all parties, and which the customers simply can take advantage of to the fullest. By no means does BPI hesitate to accept even greater challenges or development projects.

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