Tighten up?

If your furniture is to maintain a super taut and dimensionally stable appearance, it pays to look at the quality of the inner core.

When the customer receives the finished product for further assembly, for example of the frame or covering, it is extremely important that the surface provides the best possible conditions for adhesion, and it is important that the upholstery material behaves entirely in accordance with the manufacturer’s expectations in both the work process as well as the final result.

BPI has developed a completely new manufacturing method in the already unique moulding process. The result is an utterly clean and streamlined surface that reflects precision and quality and – not least – makes subsequent upholstery work smooth and simple. At the same time, it enables the furniture manufacturer to deliver a finished product in an admirable finish that can live up to the name, and which the end user can benefit from – down to the smallest detail.

The new technique has led to a more open cell structure that results in enhanced adhesion and viability for the covering, and in addition, a healthier and more environmentally-friendly alternative has been introduced into the production for an extra, advantageous dimension.

The new manufacturing process uses BPI’s self-produced soft-moulded trademarks PurFlex® and PurFusion® – and is now included as standard in all BPI-produced furniture designs.

At BPI, we are constantly working on new developments and new technologies in several other related areas, such as new moulding processes for hard foam, etc.

A development with exciting prospects.

Example of a recent product using the new manufacturing method.
A surface as fresh as newly fallen snow – that lasts longer.
A large number of advantages of BPI’s manufacturing process.
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