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Animal-friendly foam mattress significantly improves milk yield

A new combination of comfort foam for furniture and vibration damping foam has significantly improved milk yield among Erling Urup’s dairy cows.

In just one year, farmer Erling Urup has experienced an increase in milk yield totalling 600 to 700 kg of milk per cow. A difference which he undoubtedly felt right from the day he had the new quality mattresses for his dairy cows installed by Jan Tromborg. The reason is strongly linked to the amount of rest the cows get, which appears to have been extended in a short time. Cows generally need a lot of rest in order to provide a high milk yield, and this poses requirements of their berths in the barn which, in terms of functionality, must be easy to maintain and comfortable for the cows at the same time. Therefore, the Cowtex from Tromborg Staldudstyr og Inventar was the choice.

A solution which will cause butterflies in all four bellies

The cattle industry has generally been characterised by solutions which have been too time-consuming and expensive to maintain, which has also had a negative impact on the amount of rest cows get. As regards his choice of product portfolio, however, animal welfare has always been a priority to Jan Tromborg, which is why Jan always sold animal-friendly solutions.
As cows weigh, on average, 700 kg, it is necessary to have a uniform quality which can tolerate the high weight during longer periods of load, and which is also comfortable for the cow to lie on. Therefore, Jan chose local specialists for the development and improvement of the filling of the mats, so that they comply with the necessary requirements.

A mix of two unique products



Farmer Erling Urup, Outrup

Previously, I had lengths of rubber granulate, but I’ve found that the cows now get more rest, which has been very important for milk production. A year on, the underlay still looks like new.

The result of a collaboration with BPI – Bramming Plast Industri A/S led to a unique foam formula, which combined comfort, flexibility and vibration damping in one product. The new foam mattresses were named CowTex – a solution which proved a success for both Erling Urup, and many other milk producers.

The best of two industries

The CowTex mattress consists of two components: VibraSetex® – a foam type used for vibration damping in the construction industry for many years, preventing vibrations from spreading to the rest of the construction, thus able to withstand prolonged loads without losing its bearing strength. Setex® – a special comfort foam which, with its high density and flexibility, is well-suited for furniture and used as the “bearing” part in many furniture
designs. Both foam types are regenerated granular foam based on MDI (Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate), which is more environmentally friendly than the traditional TDI (Toluene diisocyanate).

The processing of VibraSetex® and Setex® takes place in modern production facilities, which help to ensure consistent foam quality for each production. Both foams are used daily in two very different industries but by combining them, it was possible to create an uncompromising quality foam which combines high density, stability and, above all, comfort.

Better rest strengthens the bottom line

To Erling Urup, the CowTex foam mattress has meant far less maintenance work as, with their fitted cover, the mats are easy to clean. In addition, the foam mattress is a much more hygienic and economical solution than i.e. sand, with which the maintenance costs are higher. Previously, Erling Urup used lengths of rubber granulate, but made a complete switch to the CowTex mattress, when he saw a noticeable difference in milk yield. A solution which ultimately benefits both the business and the welfare of the animals.

How CowTex is installed

  1. The woven top cover has been coated with rubber on the bottom side.
  2. The CowTex mats are mounted before the top cover is fitted.
  3. The top cover is then fully fitted on top of the mats.
  4. CowTex with top cover is now ready for use.

Jan Tromborg

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