Environmentally certified furniture designs? Our foam meets the requirements

At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S we wish to improve our environmental impact, and it is important for us to lead the way towards a sustainable future. In our furniture segment this is expressed through our product range, where the majority of our cut and moulded foam can be approved for demanded environmental certifications. This is our way of supporting our customers in their environment responsibility – and live up to our own at the same time.

The majority of our product range is developed and produced in materials that meet the requirements of environmental certifications such as Nordic Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel, Möbelfakta, Blauer Engel etc. This is due to our continuous focus on sustainability in all our new and further developments in our Development Department, where we push the limits for what is possible today. All this enable us to offer our customers a product range that ensures the possibility of getting the product an environmental certificate.

Great value for our customers
Today, we among others deliver cut foam for the design company Randers+Radius, who is specialised in production of furniture with sustainability, functionality, and price in focus. When Randers+Radius developed the chair, Mood, they searched for materials that all met the requirements for EU Ecolabel. Lars Andersen, Product and Environmental Executive at Randers+Radius explains the challenges of finding the right foam.

“It was a larger challenge than we expected. But then we contacted Bramming Plast-Industri A/S, and we found the way together. And now we can offer a complete furniture that meets the requirements for EU Ecolabel. Currently, we are in process with getting our products certified”, tells Lars Andersen.

At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S we are proud of being a part of creating sustainable solutions for our customers. You can read more about the design company Randers+Radius and the chair Mood here.

An industry with environmental responsibility
As many other industries, we have a responsibility for the environment, and we take this responsibility seriously through overall decisions that take starting point from a sustainable mentality. Thus, we have a constant focus on optimising our product range to make sure that we in the future can offer a better and greener product range – without compromising product quality or performance.

We thereby offer the furniture producers the opportunity to choose a more sustainable foam quality for their furniture design – a furniture design that can be acknowledged with an environmental certificate and thereby take responsibility for their own industry. Environmental certificates give the furniture producer a stamp that verifies their product towards the end user. Lars Andersen explains that there is a great value in this exact aspect:

“It is not enough merely to tell the good story, and therefore we concentrate on verifying our products. This is possible for us, for one thing, because we are supplied with foam that meets the requirements for EU Ecolabel and Nordic Ecolabel from Bramming Plast-Industri A/S,” Lars Andersen explains.

To be able to comply with external demands is of great value for us, because our environmental responsibility is a priority to us. We take it seriously, and we dedicate many resources to continuously update and optimise our product range. Our Development Department ensures that we can keep one step ahead of our customers’ demands compared to environmental and qualitative properties.

Let us support your environmental responsibility
Do you need foam with the right documentation that ensures your furniture design an environmental certificate? Contact one of sales persons and we will find a solution that is customised to your needs.

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