BPI’s cooperation with both new and recognised developers and designers takes us far and wide in a world where foam is involved in myriad ways.

Although our primary focus is foam for industrial and construction use as well as furniture and design, our more than 300 different types of foam and especially our self-produced brands often attract the attention of many innovative, creative and imaginative alternative environments and fora.

Therefore, over the years, we have always had the pleasure of interesting collaborations with various designers who have found exciting new ways to use our foam. In this case, Lise Vester, a young, goal-oriented designer who has incorporated our foam in a new product that won the jury’s hearts and in 2018 was honoured with a major design talent award. Read more about Lise Vester’s project here (danish)

Over the years, BPI has had the pleasure of several design collaborations – both with the major design houses and prominent designers as well as with emerging and relatively unknown although innovative and trendsetting players.

Here are some examples of interesting and different projects where BPI is involved with our foam and advice:

A flexible bench that can be adjusted to fit the atmosphere, situation and place in the home. The seat can be slid back and forth as desired. Design: STUDIO FEM
Flesh Chair: A piece of furniture designed on the basis of the concept and the philosophy “Less is a bore” with oversized material consumption of memory foam. The aim is to test the balance between the repulsive and the attractive through voluminous curves and comfort. The shape reflects undesirable human obesity and an aesthetic impulse combined with a pleasant appearance in bright and soft materials that invite the user to a comfortable embrace in the soft materials. Design: Nanna Kiil
Sandals with VibraSetex® material. Design: Martyna Barbara Golik
Sandals with VibraSetex® material. Design: Martyna Barbara Golik
The princess in this production of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘Clumsy Hans’ had her dress designed in BPI foam. Design: Weirdwear
In Copenhagen, Hotel D’Angleterre’s Christmas decorations frequently feature various figures crafted from BPI foam. Here “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” add to the Christmas spirit. Design: Weirdwear

A few other examples of alternative uses for BPI foam.

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