BPI’s network meetings create value for furniture customers

There are a wide range of regulations, rules and laws that you have to be aware of as a furniture manufacturer. You can easily get overwhelmed by all of this information, which is why Bramming Plast-Industri A/S holds network meetings for furniture customers. Here BPI is your sparring partner and helps you get an overview of the relevant information in the field of compliance.

Mette Buus Vesterholm, the Quality Coordinator at BPI, plans and facilitates the network meetings, where so far six furniture manufacturers are members. As a member of the network meetings, you get an insight into relevant topics and challenges that you, as a furniture manufacturer, face, and compliance is always an underlying theme at the meetings. Compliance can be difficult to navigate when you are dealing with it alone. Therefore, BPI is a powerful sparring partner which sets the framework for knowledge sharing and dialogue among members so that you can get some new perspectives and contexts.

Stay abreast of important regulations

BPI has its finger on the pulse, and as a member, you also get an insight into what is happening within the world of foam. Being a member is an advantage for you because you can stay one step ahead with, among other things, future points to pay attention to within compliance. BPI is receiving great support for the network meetings that will be held about twice a year – preferably more often if some relevant topics or events can create value for you as a furniture manufacturer.

At the last network meeting in May, BPI and the furniture customers visited the Danish Technological Institute, and here the dialogue revolved around fire certificates for the contract market. The visit gave members an insight into current fire standards and certificates through presentations facilitated by the Danish Technological Institute. There was also the opportunity to observe tests in the furniture and textile laboratory, as well as fire tests in the fire laboratory. There are already new topics in the pipeline for the upcoming network meetings, including pressure marks and sustainability.

Become a part of BPI’s furniture network

Do you need a powerful sparring partner within the field of compliance in the furniture sector? Then BPI’s network meetings are a unique opportunity for you. Please contact Mette Buus Vesterholm at for more information about BPI’s furniture network.

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