BPI blocks out the noise with a completely new kind of acoustic foam

After months of intense development and scores of laboratory and product tests, BPI is now launching its version of the future’s environmentally friendly foam for noise reduction and improving working environments. PureSound®E is the name of this new generation, which succeeds one of BPI’s great successes as a self-produced brand for industry and construction.

For several years, BPI has marketed a particularly flexible, lightweight and fire retardant foam for noise reduction in production plants and office environments. When the first generation of PureSound® achieved widespread use in 2012, initially on the Danish market, it was a product with fantastic properties for absorbing sound. These properties quickly paved the way for many segments and areas to incorporate the unique foam in their operations. The foam then spread to other countries and has become a natural component in most air conditioners, home appliances, electronic appliances, industrial machinery, wall structures, panels and ceilings, thermal insulation – even as a sound absorbing material for daycare centres and schools.

Armed with this successful experience and strong expertise, BPI has boosted its continued development and can now introduce a sound absorbing material to the market in the form of PureSound®E. In addition to the properties of its predecessor, PureSound®E distinguishes itself even further through being much a more robust foam quality in the same good fire class – but with a much more environmentally friendly and low-emission flame retardant, and in many cases with even more powerful sound absorption. Another dimension of PureSound®E’s many uses is that the material also offers unprecedented opportunities for thermoforming.

Kasper Kamp Jensen, business development manager at BPI, has already experienced interest in the new product from customers and surroundings – he had to keep his cards close to his chest until the last test runs had been completed and the product’s unique features had been formally specified.

“It is hardly a surprise that our product managers and sales people have been eager to take the new product into the market. But we are very committed to getting the documentation in place, and we have to know that we have covered every angle to ensure that we don’t promise customers more than the product can live up to,” he says, and continues:

“Now PureSound®E has got through its first ‘end-of-term tests’ and has received high marks all around. Among other things, we can say that – in addition to improved sound absorbing properties – the product is also an excellent choice for thermal insulation due to its very low thermal conductivity. But even more importantly, its environmental profile has been strengthened considerably, as PureSound®E is completely free of CFC/HCFC, TCPP flame retardant and formaldehyde, and the material waste can also be significantly reduced. We are already receiving many phone calls from customers who have already had good experiences with our acoustic foam and have heard the rumours. And that’s one kind of noise we’re not too keen on damping”, concludes Kasper Kamp Jensen, who expects to have all the final test results completely ready by July or August this year.

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