BPI creates a solid foundation for London’s university students

It might seem overambitious or even illusory to build a college less than 50 metres from one of London’s many underground rail lines. Yet, that is precisely what one of the most significant and acknowledged engineering companies – Farrat Ltd – contributed to in close collaboration with BPI.


Farrat Ltd and BPI are a good match when it comes to vibration damping. Farrat Ltd makes calculations and provides professional consultancy. The company is also recognised in the industry, especially in the English market. Similarly, they have a strong reputation for being amongst the best, specifically concerning vibration damping. For many years, BPI has been further developing vibration damping materials and BPI’s unique own produced VibraFlex® has long set new standards for various fields of application.


After several smaller projects in 2013-14, especially with ”floating” floors for among others cinemas, Farrat Ltd got an opportunity to use VibraFlex® on the current project in London. The construction project entitled ”Cartwright Gardens” was a renovation (partly demolition and renovation) of one of the colleges of the University of London, situated in the city centre area of Bloomsbury. The building will accommodate approximately 1,200 beds in a seven-storey structure and is expected to be completed by 2016. The immediate proximity of the location to the underground rail line places considerable demands for vibration damping at one end of the building and here Farrat Ltd found BPI’s VibraFlex® ideal to use under the difficult conditions and the more than 50-centimetre thick concrete foundation.

From the left: Technical Director at Farrat Ltd. – Ryan Arbabi, BPIs Business Development Manager – Kasper Kamp Jensen and Sales & Marketing Director at Farrat Ltd. – Shaun Furlong.


Once again, Farrat Ltd shows that they are a match even for the highest demands for vibration damping while minimising the negative effects of the underground rail line to the benefit of the students and personnel. BPI proves that they can develop and supply products for the most demanding conditions. Together, Farrat Ltd and BPI provided an ingenious solution in the right quality that will stand for many years to come.

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