BPI in motion

A long story short. BPI has just launched a story, unconventional for the industry, to clients and collaborators.

Recently, BPI’s employees gathered for a small, informal event to celebrate a great occasion.

Managing Director Jesper Brix comments: “We have been through a long period of massive challenges, but can now take joy in a reasonable half-year result – and look forward.”

“Last year was a nightmare, although one which – thanks to a stubborn and persistent organisation – we have come through stronger in many ways”; the CEO continues. “Now, it’s about getting back into the top gear and proving to our loyal and faithful customers that their patience will ultimately be worthwhile. We are still struggling with the aftermath – but a lot of things, including a recent satisfaction survey, indicate that we are heading in the right direction. We have chosen to inspire the world around us by showing off some of the great possibilities our product solutions offer in a whole new movie, which we are releasing now”; the CEO concludes.

The employee event was spiced up with pizza, draft beer, singing and live music.

At the event, BPI presented its brand new “Corporate Presentation Movie” to all employees – who did little to hide their enthusiasm. The whole thing was staged with popcorn and various soft drinks to get the “movie premiere” atmosphere just right.

“We do not want to brag unnecessarily – but we want to illustrate the professional level where we prefer to meet our surroundings and collaborate with our customers. Therefore, we tried to make a slightly different movie, one which we hope sets us apart from the typical perception of an “advertisement” in a positive way – and so far, it has only been well received”; says Marketing Manager Steen-Flemming Elmarlund.

You can see for yourself whether BPI succeeds in getting the message across at:

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