Our goal is to become your preferred foam supplier in Europe

Therefore, we will inspire you and contribute to the development, design and production of advanced, specific total solutions in foam and rubber materials.

Foam for your purpose

Not just for any purpose

BPI is self-sufficient with custom-made products that – in their design and properties – are tailored to the customers’ individual wishes and the needs. You will not find so-called “commodity products” that you can buy in the free market – but exclusively unique speciality products for one or more specific purposes.


We do not make foam for any purpose. On the other hand, we guarantee that if your project has found its way to our high-tech production facility – every solution will be of the same high standard as if it was routinely mass-produced.

Our values

Competent and committed employees in close dialogue with the individual customer are crucial for delivering solutions that create value for our customers.
  • "We are committed"
  • "We are actionable"
  • "We are innovative"
  • "We are strong-willed"
  • "We are down to earth"

We are committed

“We display commitment, responsibility and respect for the needs and tasks we meet in our work and pursue all projects to the customer’s full satisfaction”.


We are actionable

“We exceed the expectations of our environment for us as reliable, fast and efficient problem solvers”.


We are innovative

“With more than 40 years in the industry, we use past experiences to devise future solutions”.


We are determined

“We always strive to succeed as well as produce and deliver the absolute best solution for the customer


We are down to earth

“We are an open and honest culture with a clear, straightforward and informal tone”.


“We treat our customers with the same humble approach and respect – regardless of size, profile or seniority”.

“Although our tasks and responsibilities differ in size, nobody feels above others or over-qualified to help where necessary”.


Here you will find most general reports, documents and certificates.

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At BPI we wishes to inspire and contribute to the development, design and production of advanced customer-specific comprehensive solutions in foam and rubber materials. We take pride in supplying environmentally-friendly products in high quality and on time.



Here you have direct access to our library, where you will find a selection of brochures from the Danish market. Read about how we focus on your business, how we contribute to people’s well-being in the industry or healthcare sector or why we have been a regular element of major iconic design classics for decades.

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We are stretching far

We know you make demands. Your project deserves the best prerequisites and frameworks. We regard every task as a declaration of trust and therefore honored to follow you from A-Z. Among our more than 400 specialists, we are guaranteed a team that is highly motivated and well-qualified to engage in close and innovative cooperation with you. Our knowledge sharing is a natural and unconditional part of our comprehensive service and advisory process. Whatever you are looking for, you will meet smile as well as competencies, whether it’s queries from Customer Service or Expertise from Product Development. Take the direct route to our consultants and specialists.


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